The programme began with observing, playing with and learning from the children themselves in order to workable syllabus for these children. Gradually the program developed into:

  • Harnessing latent qualities including destructive and violent tendencies in children and channelling them into guided, disciplined and constructive activity.
  • Establishing Friendship and fellowship with children to check any hostility and obtain their cooperation and attention.
  • Helping them concentrate on one task, object, play or activity at one time and gradually introducing variety of forms, colours or interests thereby encouraging development and self –confidence.
  • Teaching personal hygiene, care of personal needs, social behaviour, mutual tolerance, acceptance and adjustment and encouragement to come up to social norms.
  • Motor coordination, eye and hand coordination, for which special apparatus was devised by SCINOSA.
  • Teaching use of sharp instruments without harming self and others, such as scissors, needles and subsequently wood working tools e.g. hand saw, planer, drilling machine, hammer etc. or of sewing machine by girls.
  • At suitable intervals, full vocational training e.g. woodworking, weaving, cane work, stitching, sewing, block printing, painting, needlework, cooking, candle making, and various household chores are added to the programme with excellent results.

In addition, Girl-guide & scouts training, scout camps, picnic and many other programmes which could help development, have been introduced. Speech and music therapy are regularly practiced improving communication skills, motor coordination, sense of balance thus improving the quality and enjoyment of daily life. The School has its own band and a scout master.

The primary aim of the whole programme was, and is, to instil in the mentally challenged person, a sense of usefulness, achievement, self-respect, confidence, self-reliance, responsibility, social adjustment, acceptability in the society at large, being less dependent on the parents and the society and, as far as possible, being helpful at home and eventually becoming economically self reliant in some measure.

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